Foggy Bottom

With Fall we are seeing the island wrapped in fog.  It’s hard to capture a good foggy picture since everything ends up looking rather… foggy.  And while the monochromatic look might wear on me after a bit, we live high enough up in the hills that we are often driving down into the fog rather than being shrouded in it every day.  This morning while we were driving Dave to work, it was gorgeous to look at the varying shades of dark greenish grey trees rushing towards us along the highway.  Then we climbed a hill again, broke through the fog and were greeted by a nearly full moon in the bright blue sky just above the cedars.  The ocean was hidden in the fog, but maybe when we go out again later it will be visible again.

Up at the farm, we are starting to see the fog rolling in and holding shape above the fields, and along the drained lake bed.  One of the favorite pastures of the sheep is just above the lake bed in this little grove of trees.  Tendrils of fog were just starting to creep towards the sheep when I took these pictures.

I think that Little Man and I are going to need to go fog exploring soon.  We just need some better shoes before we accidentally step in a fog covered “present” from the sheep.

Sheep taking it easy under the trees while the fog starts to roll in.

Sheep taking it easy under the trees while the fog starts to roll in.


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