Hummus Update

We are still recovering from what was likely the worst hummus misfortune since recorded time, and for an archaeologist that is saying something.  Ugh!  Between the two of us and a typo in my online hummus recipe, we created a monstrosity that could not be fixed no matter how hard we tried, no matter what spices we threw at it, no matter how much encouragement Little Man gave us.  Hopeless, yet memorable.  Oh, how memorable…

So I’ve updated the online Marie’s Hummus recipe, and all should be good now.  If you tried it before and it didn’t taste right (sorry!), I’ve fixed the recipe.  As for our household, we’ll be giving the hummus another shot tomorrow after I replenish my lemon juice supply.  Also, as a note to anyone interested, if you run out of lemon juice do NOT try to replace it with cider vinegar.  Like I said, it was memorable…  😉


4 thoughts on “Hummus Update

    1. TheSheepAreOut Post author

      Sorry, Angie! Hopefully your palate has recovered. 😃. I was horrified when I tasted what Dave made, and then dismayed when I realized it was from my own recipe. What a typo to miss!


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