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A Week On Our Own: Day 3

Today was the BIG day for Dave; the day of the defense.  For Little Man and I, it was a day of trials and errors… many trials… many errors.  Numerous errands that were achieved, but just barely, and I think we were both relieved to have survived until nap time when we both got some time apart from the other.

It was during nap time that I got the much awaited call from Dave to say that he’d passed!!!  I wasn’t surprised since he’s pretty fantastic, but it’s always good to get confirmation.  The presentation went well, the public discussion went well, the private committee discussion went well, and it was all wrapped up with a couple of bottles of bubbly to toast the soon-to-be doctorate.  Now there are just the edits to get through, and then the formatting hurdles for the graduate school.  There’s always something that goes sideways with the formatting, and things are normally sent back to you at least once.  I can’t imagine what this must have been like before word processing computers.  Oy!

To celebrate the successful completion of his dissertation defense Dave was going to go out to dinner with some friends and committee members, and it only seemed fitting that Little Man and I went out as well.

We went to one of Little Man’s favorite restaurants, Sun’s Noodle Bar, specifically for their Chicken Fried Rice.  Normally we call in an order and get take out for home, but this was a special day so Little Man and I ate in the restaurant.  Often when Dave and I take Little Man to a restaurant we bring the ipad with it’s movies and games to keep Little Man entertained while we get to enjoy a meal outside of the house and some adult conversation.  This night, I didn’t even need it.  Little Man sat and ate his food like a pro… albeit a very hungry pro… and didn’t ask for the ipad until the very end when I was paying the bill.  We sat, we talked, we ate, it was a blast and totally made up for our mutual frustrations earlier in the day.  Now we just had to make it to the weekend…

A few more jewels for Daddy's sign, and a bit of glitter glue.

A few more jewels for Daddy’s sign, and a bit of glitter glue.

Operation Daddy Sign: Day 3

Today was a day for a few more jewels and some glitter glue for Daddy’s special sign.  Little Man first selected the “tiny, tiny, tiny” jewel that he wanted to claim for his own (today was turquoise), and then chose a few more for Daddy’s sign.  The glitter glue was a bit more anticlimactic since you had to squeeze pretty firmly on the tube to apply it, so it involved a bit more Mommy help than the other tasks had.  But we added some sparkle to the sign, and another jewel was added to the treasure chest, so all in all a successful art project.

Glitter glue accents.

Glitter glue accents.