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The Sheep Are Out… Again

This is not what I meant to post tonight, but then I left for yoga.  I was balancing yoga mat, water bottle, purse, all being held in an unintentionally awkward way.  As I stepped up to the car, purse now open while I fished out the keys, I glanced to my left towards my garden and stopped stunned.  Not quite understanding what I was seeing.  Was there truly a herd of sheep on my sidewalk?  And were they supposed to be there?  Then I noticed our farmer-landlord running towards me, summer dress flapping and sheep feed bucket waving towards the errant flock.  It then took me a moment to grab my phone from the awkwardly held purse and snap the pictures before shoeing the sheep along.

This is when I started feeling like I was back in Turkey.  I was “hut! hutting!” like the village shepard, moving the sheep toward their pasture, though I think the flapping yoga mat would stand out a bit on the Turkish prairies.

What made that moment so perfect, was that exactly one year ago tonight… almost to the exact hour and minute…  Dave, Little Man and I were just sitting down with Dave’s parents, Ruth and Joe, for dinner when Joe looked out the window and said “The sheep are out…” That simple phrase ended up inspiring this blog and forever keeps me laughing even a year later… and especially when a year later the same situation is happening.  To read that original post, click here.

We’ve now officially lived in Canada for one year.  Not too bad, eh?

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