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The Horse is Out?

Last week I had just gotten Little Man up from his nap and was carrying him into the living room when I caught movement in our front yard out of the corner of my eye.  I glanced over expecting a couple of quail or maybe a dog, and instead found a large white horse munching grass contentedly about four feet in front of my window.

This won’t go down as my best mothering moment, but my first thought was that I had to get a picture of this.  I had failed at getting photo documentation of loose livestock for the opening incident that gave this blog its name, and then again a couple of weeks later when Dave was wrangling a pig that had gotten out of its pen.  I was not going to fail today…  Remember the part where I said I was carrying my sleepy toddler?  Yes…

I unceremoniously plunked Little Man down on the couch and ran for my phone.  The horse was already moving on, so I had to be fast.  No time to grab the other camera in my office.  Of course my phone’s memory was full and wouldn’t take the shot.  Quick a delete of a couple of (hopefully) already downloaded pictures, and I was able to get these photos.  The horse had already moved farther away, but was still in our yard and was now apparently interested in playing a little basketball after his snack.

Let me also introduce this “horse” a bit better.   He belongs to a neighbor who originally named him Pegasus, but he just goes by Gus.  While I was trying to find a phone number of that neighbor to call about the escapee and hoping that the Farmer-Landlord’s dog didn’t find Gus first, another neighbor came out and escorted Gus home before he got too much of a nibble going in her flower garden.

In the meantime, Little Man had started to protest his abrupt drop on the couch.  I went to assuage the bruised toddler sensibilities with a little juice and story time, secure in the knowledge that I had FINALLY caught a photo of a beastie loose around our house, and that Gus was no longer out.