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Here Pig, Pig, Pig…

While the sheep are pretty, and the chickens are my favorite, the pigs are the animals that keep the farm running.  We will hopefully be getting our own 1/2 hog within the next month or so.  In the meantime, the BIG pigs from our pen have been… harvested… and a new group has been dropped off.

Here on the island we have variable trash pickups, with one week being for recycling and the next for trash.  We actually have very little organic waste to get rid of, since most of that goes to the pigs.  Pretty much everything that isn’t bone or pig-based (no cannibal piggies, please) goes to the pigs, and we empty their slop/snack bucket over our back fence.  Supposedly pigs don’t poop where they eat, so the theory is that we drop the food in the pen closest to our house, and there should be less piggie scent.  So far so good.

The new batch of pigs.

The new batch of pigs.