Desserts, for me, are all about fun at the end of a special meal.  As much as I love baking, I’m more of a savory kind of girl than a sweet tooth.  Offer me a choice between a bowl of ice cream and a bowl of french fries, and I’m all about the fries.  That said, there is something about special meals, whether they be for a holiday feast get together or just having special friends over for dinner, where the meal just doesn’t seem complete with out something special and sweet at the end.

These recipes are some of the special treats that we’ve served at the end of special meals.  My goal was not to make these healthier or lighter in calories, but instead to simply celebrate a special time with special people.  As a wise woman (my best friend’s grandmother) once said “all things in moderation, including moderation.”

To open recipe cards for any of the dishes below, simply click on the recipe title.  If you wish to see the posts with pictures (and recipes at the end) for any recipe, simply click on the post title in parentheses after the recipe title.

Baklava Cake (How to Use Leftover Phyllo)

Half Moon Cookies (A Tale of Two Parties: Half Moon Cookies)

Deb’s Jello Salad (A Spring Feast: Dessert)

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes (Mini Chocolate Cupcakes)

Nanaimo Bars (When in Rome… Or Nanaimo…)

Not So Traditional Chocolate Chip Cookies (Friendship Cookies and Good Bye Tears)

Rainbow Fruit Platter (Birthday Party Food for Kiddos)

Swiss Apple Pie (A Tale of Two Parties: Deb’s Swiss Apple Pie)


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