Main Dishes

The main course.  That is what I’m generally peculating on as I drive back from the university, or as I’m planning out our menu of meals for the next week.  What to have for dinner…  Some of these recipes are for big holiday celebrations, but most are daily dishes that I serve at home to my own little family.  On any given week night I’m generally trying to get something onto the table as soon as I can.  I’m not a particularly fast cook, and for all of those recipes that promise to take 15 minutes or half an hour, you can easily add on another 15-30 minutes of time for me to actually get those dishes to the table.  So while some of these recipes are quicker (or longer) to carry out than others, my main goal is to create something that tastes great and that you’ll want to cook again and again.  Let’s see if these work for you.

To open recipe cards for any of the dishes below, simply click on the recipe title.  If you wish to see the posts with pictures (and recipes at the end) for any recipe, simply click on the post title in parentheses after the recipe title.

Aureuil’s Ham (A Spring Feast with a Ham to End All Hams)

Chicken Taco Casserole (Playing in the Mud)

Chinese Eggs Recipe (Two Independence Days)

Curried Potatoes (Are These Even Edible?)

Ghormeh Sabzi – Green Persian Stew (A Green Persian Spring)

Harvest Moon Pizza (Pebble Beaches and Pizza)

Joe’s Salmon (Family Dinner)

Mediterranean Tuna Salad (More Thoughts on Hummus)

Mediterranean Style Tuna and Hummus Sandwich (More Thoughts on Hummus)

“Sort of” Migas (“Sort of” Migas – A Fast Meal for Busy Days)

Mom’s Latkas (Mommy, Where Are We?)

Montreal Steak Seasoning (Family Dinner)

Mumbai Grilled Drumsticks (The Long May Weekend)

Not Your Daddy’s Bacon and Tomato Sandwich (Floating Like a Mer-Baby)

Oven Roasted Polenta (Splitting Wood)

Sausage and Potato Frittata (Ladies and Gentle-Chickens!)

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork (The Reckless Abandon of Sunshine at Easter)

Spiedies (A Tale of Two Parties: Our Island Party and the Food)

Turkish Inspired Baked Eggs (A Meal for Sharing)

White T-Shirt Shrimp (A Tale of Two Parties: Our Island Party and the Food)

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough (Stocking the Pantry)


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