Preserves and Pickles

This page contains recipes for preserves, pickles and ideas for how to “put up” produce for use later in the year.  Many of these recipes and methods are things that I’ve picked up relatively recently as I’m trying to learn what was for me the lost art of preserves.  In cases for preserves or pickles that are actually processed in jars, please follow the recipes closely for success with the long term preservation of your foods.  Other methods, such as freezing of certain ingredients, can be more creatively reinterpreted as the main preservation is done by the freezer rather than the science of canning.

Please click on a recipe title for a printable version of the recipe card.  Click on the title in parentheses to be brought to a page with the blog posting containing the recipe, helpful photos of the preparation methods, and additional tips.  Have fun!

Kosher Style Dill Pickles (The Tyranny of Cucumbers)


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