To open recipe cards for any of the dishes below, simply click on the recipe title.  If you wish to see the posts with pictures (and recipes at the end) for any recipe, simply click on the post title in parentheses after the recipe title.

Carolina Style Coleslaw (The Reckless Abandon of Sunshine on Easter)

Deb’s Jello Salad (A Spring Feast: Dessert)

Marie’s Hummus (A Request for Hummus)

Mustard Seed Rice (The Long May Weekend)

Oven Roasted Sweet Potato “Fries” (Adventures with FODMAPs: Polyol Edition)

Praline Sweet Potatoes (Thanksgiving in a Foreign Land)

Rainbow Fruit Platter (Birthday Party Food for Kiddos)

Simple Grilled Vegetables (The Long May Weekend)

Smokey Sweet Potato Bites (Adventures with FODMAPs: Polyol Edition)


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