Restaurants and Cafes

It is not my intention to pass myself off as a restaurant critic or to turn this blog into such a site.  I do, however, love to eat and therefore wanted to share some of my favorite eateries on Vancouver Island.  Since businesses can come and go, please be sure to check their website out before visiting to avoid any disappointing adventures.

Here are some of my favorite places to eat on Vancouver Island.  Click on the restaurant’s name for a link to their website, or click on the title in parentheses to read the blog post about our visit there.

Asteras, Nanaimo

Bohdi’s Bakery, Nanaimo

Coco Cafe, Cedar

Crow and Gate Pub, Cedar

Hilltop Bistro, Nanaimo

La Stella, Nanaimo

Longwoods Brew Pub, Nanaimo

Nanaimo Bar Trail

Saigon Kitchen, Nanaimo

Trattoria, Goats on the Roof

Wild Poppy Bistro, Ladysmith


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