This section does contain recipes for cocktails, but also for numerous cold and hot non-alcoholic drinks.  While I do love a good cocktail, the drinks that I find myself most often making for myself, family and friends, are hot drinks like my Masala Chai or Auntie Erin’s Cocoa or cold drinks like fruited iced teas.  One of the most eye opening experiences is to actually read the ingredients from a bottle of prepared punch or chai or virtually any drink sold at your local grocery store.  Aside from the fact that I have no idea what half of the ingredients are (let alone pronounce them), the sheer amount and variety of sugars is staggering.  The good side of this is that it is incredibly easy to make your own punches and teas.  Yes, these recipes take more time to prepare than it would take you to open a bottle from your pantry, but you can also feel good about offering these drinks to your kids (just not the cocktails, please) and family.

To open recipe cards for any of the dishes below, simply click on the recipe title.  If you wish to see the posts with pictures (and recipes at the end) for any recipe, simply click on the post title in parentheses after the recipe title.

Auntie Erin’s Cocoa (Poking at a Wood Fire)

Mango Lassi (The Long May Weekend)

Manic Monday Cocktail (25th Post and Counting)

Masala Chai (Warming Up)

Wassle – Hot Mulled Cider (A Corn Maze and the Making of Fall Traditions)


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